Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meet Alma Green

Hello lovelies...

This week is going great so far, and it's only Dienstag! Tuesday, that is... My brother is in town and I am loving hanging out with him every chance I get.  He is in the Air Force and is stationed in Missouri so it is a rare occasion that we are together.
We spent the day at the pool and then went out to BJ's Brewery for dinner.

 Me and my "little" brother.  Isn't he handsome?!

His birthday is on Friday so we are trying to do all the fun stuff he wants to do this week.

I love this dress... even though the fit on it is a little strange, the colors are awesome! And I decided to match it up with my vintage green Alma-esque bag!  This bag is so simple and classy looking.  It is the same shape as the Louis Vuitton Alma and it is surprisingly nice to carry.  I love the combination of Alma and Green... it sounds like a pretty southern girl's name.  Maybe I have a new alias... Alma Green! She loves sweet tea and dresses and lots of blush.





LOVE this bag... I think if I get a LV it will either be a Speedy or an Alma.

I also had to take a picture with my mum this evening! She looked gorgeous as usual... she doesn't even have to try to look amazing... I try way too hard sometimes.


What I wore:
Dress from TJ Maxx, BCBG wedges. Vintage purse.



  1. That's a good looking family. And handbag!

  2. What a beautiful family!! I love your handbag, and the colors of your dress are definitely amazing!!

  3. Your mom IS gorgeous! And your brother IS handsome! And my first thought was, Man that bag rocks! hehe


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