Monday, June 13, 2011

Outfit: Blau Montag

Oh Monday!  I was so lonely and blue... the husband headed back to work today, Avii was with her grandmother.  I stayed in, did homework and laundry.  I did squeeze in a quick thrifting trip at the Goodwill down the street and SCORED!!!

Oh Yeah! That thing right there? My new/vintage Dooney & Bourke! AWL, navy and British tan... $7!  That's almost as cheap as Starbucks. 

 Thems on my feets?!
Jellies! Hello!  Kinda a weird brownish red color, just like the leather!

Also one of my awesome finds were these granny-licious sunglasses! 99 cents well spent!  I love how they kind of fade into my skin tone!

So the only Monday blues for me that I liked were on my purse and my top!
Can't wait to style up some other goodies I got!

What I wore:
Thrifted top, jellies, Dooney & Bourke, sunglasses.  Shorts and gold bracelet from F21.


Oh! Heads up... last few photos (headshots) were taken by my friend Mick Stillz... also new to the Sacramento area from Southern Cali by way of Germany... does that make sense!? Check out his music page!


  1. First - Love your vintage D&B find!! I found one a while ago that's green & brown, and I love it. Second - Oh my gosh, you are amazing for wearing jellies!!! I LOVE those things!!


  2. Great outfit!!:D Like the colour combinationa and I'm totally crazy about your shoes!!:D

    Stop by some time:D



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