Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Outfit: Paper Bag shorts

I am going to keep this one short and sweet... unlike me... I am not so short and I wouldn't really define myself as sweet... salty-sweet maybe... like kettlecorn sweet perhaps!
I love kettlecorn.  Sorta a major weakness of mine.
And it mostly comes in paper bags...
Speaking of which, my shorts that I tailored kinda look like they are made out of a paper bag!


How 'bout that?!

So it is officially summer in Sacramento, which means my springtime tan will fade as I drift off into the confines of air-conditioned fascilities.  When I must venture out, clothes will hopefully be slightly loose and comfortable and sweatproof!


My makeup and nails is kind of my summer neutrals look: orangey peach cheeks and lips, mascara and a little bit of black eyeliner, nude and caramel nails (polishes from H&M).

10 mile bike ride around Lake Natoma in Folsom today and what hurts on me?! My right forearm! Probably from all the braking I was doing... so typing is killing me so I shall bid gute nacht mein schatzies!!!

What I wore:
H&M tank top.  DIY tailored thrifted shorts from pants. Longchamp bag. Michael Kors clutch. Accessories from F21 and random. Steve Madden flats.


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