Thursday, June 30, 2011

Outfit: Perhaps Peruvian

Inspiration for words is lacking today, so just go along with me for the moment...

I have a strange infatuation with food items that are green... Like green ice cream cones! I know it's just food coloring, but seriously, I love it!


Uuuugh, so what's new that I can tell you guys about????  My hair is back to black! finally... there was something not so hott about dingey, mottled blackish brown... I prefer my hair raven black!

I don't know about you guys, but I totally loved my outfit.  It was mega hot out for a while, it thunderstormed and rained for a day and then Wednesday was awesomely temperate... so I took the opportunity to wear pants and a blazer.


Like the bag?! I thrifted it and I LOVE it... I love every color on it, the pattern, the size... everything... 2 bucks well spent!  My mom seems to think it is from South American origins... at first I thought Southwestern, but the patterns and tooling on the leather does look more South American... I imagine it being from Peru! Do you ever revolve an entire outfit around one little accessory?  That was my outfit today!




And everyone, I don't know if I have introduced Miss Keara to you all... but she has been one of my bestest best of best friends forever and she is so beautiful and the sweetest person in the world and a faithful reader of my blog as well... I want to share her with ya'll!



We met up at Cost Plus today and checked out some goodies for my upcoming birthday tea party...

 I got something super fun going on tomorrow I cannot wait to tell you guys about, but we'll see how it all goes first!

(No, we are not eating knodel at my tea party... it was one of the few German things they had there.  And as for Spotted Dick - I didn't know it was like bread pudding with raisins! With what meal would you eat it?)

What I wore:
Thrifted blazer, suede booties, tribal bag, pants that I had custom tailored.  Tank from Target. Accessories from F21, COACH, etc....


ps... what are your plans for Independence Day!?

Edit: This was to get posted last night, but blogger was being a bitch!


  1. Hello Keara! and hello you! The bag is pretty bitchin' but I have fallen for your grey suede desert boots! Are they Clark's originals? Wheee!

  2. Your hair looks fab! And I love your shoes, too- they're really slick-looking. Amen about funky colored food.. I don't know if it is me, but I think it makes it that much more appetizing. :P

    Woohoo Hufflepuff!! Totally rep- that would be fun! :D (I honestly wish I could wear a cape and a hat to the movie.. but that might be a little much..) x

  3. Awww you are both beautiful! I love the bag, and the shoes. I am so loving fuchsia and magenta right now so this outfit is perfect!

  4. Nice look. Cool bag!


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