Sunday, June 19, 2011

Outfit: Tree-inspiration

Hey everyone!  Sorry for my lack of posting... summer is in effect which means lots of FUN! In my family, random fun is always in the mix. 

So yesterday my husband and dad went up in the Auburn hills to do some bike riding so while my mom and Avii and I waited for them to come down, my mom guest-photog'd for me!  We relaxed by the rivers... Avii played with all the pretty rocks...

I purposely overdressed a little for the terrain, but I really wanted to take advantage of the incredible scenery... I have a slight obsession with trees, although I am probably far from being considered a "tree-hugger," but they are beautiful... the more twisted and strange-looking, the better!  The outfit is kind of made up of some of my favorite things right now: my Blowfish sandals, maxi dress, dangly earrings...

What I wore:
F21 dress. H&M earrings. Blowfish sandals. Hat from Bruxelles, Belgium. Vintage belt.

I am soooo beat tired and tomorrow is Father's DAY!!!  So excited to actually be with my dad finally after 3 years of being gone!  Hope to spoil him and my husband who is one of the best daddies in the WHOLE world!  Spoil the dad in your life tomorrow!



  1. oh wow, this is one of my fave outfits of yours yet! you look AMAZING, kinda overdressed but not in a weird way, just in that way where you make the best out of any occasion! :D

  2. You look fabulous and that rugged terrain goes so well with your city-fun look. I can even imagine you hiking that gorgeous maxi striped tank dress up and bit and hitting the trails on your bike! the Citizen Rosebud

  3. Love everything about this! It reminds me a lot of shopbop styling, which is a huge compliment because they're my number 1 site to get inspired!


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