Friday, June 3, 2011

Put on the Dancing Shoes

I'm going out tonight! Oh yeah!!
I tend to get caught up in getting ready and making sure everything is good to go and sometimes I will not get a good pic of my outfit so I'mma do it like thiiiis:

 Hair straightened, ready to get styled.
 Here's the outfit...

Shoes, accessories and wristlet good to go.

This is not my normal type of "going out" outfit, mainly because I am not wearing any black.  Gotta get out of my comfort zone sometimes.  I can still feel sexy without being dark.

The new nude heels are coming out! Hopefully my feet don't die by the end of the night!

What I am wearing tonight:
Sage green blouse from Love Culture.  Custom tailored thrifted suede shorts. G by Guess heels. Michael Kors wristlet. COACH bangle. Green bangle and cameo necklace from F21. New watch from Kohl's! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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