Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stuff n Things: Michael Kors

So I think I want to start doing a weekly post of things I like, use, new purchases... you know: stuff and things!

Oh, hello there little Michael Kors bag!  What might you have inside?!

My new wallet/clutch?  How wonderful! Just what I wanted!

So Phyliss (my car), came into town and we had to drive to the bay area to pick her up... on the way back we stopped by the Vacaville factory store mall... We hit up the Vans store for the husband and I wanted to check out the COACH outlet in search of the wallet/clutch thing I have been wanting... I found one. It was cute. Black. Leather. Perforated logo. One prob: silver hardware... not something I fancy.

I had a coupon and everything, but something inside me said, put it back.  Walk on out... hello Michael Kors outlet... I stepped in and was satisfied with an array of golden hardware... headed towards the back and found shown piece.  I am a sucker for pebbled leather and camel colored goods and I was as good as gold!

Michael Kors is so much better than COACH.

Anyways... other stuff and things I am loving right now:

Jones New York cobalt blue pashmina scarf thing, my new electric blue cell phone and this awesome nude nailpolish from Forever 21.


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  1. Smart buy my friend! MK is my fave. Don't you love the outlet prices?


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