Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Miss Kiki!!!

Happy Birthday wishes go out to my best friend Keara!
I have known and loved this girl for nearly 15 years now! (wow that is making me feel old)
She has been the anchor in my life of friendships...  she is the sweetest, most loyal, positive, and devoted person I know.  She will do ANYTHING for you if you need her.  She is generous beyond words.  She is naturally beautiful and sunny I can't say enough good about her...

 Love you lots Miss Keara!!! You are the best!!!!  I am so so so lucky to have such an amazing friend!



  1. Love Keara so much! You're so right, there really isn't enough good to say about her, she shines so bright!!

  2. You both look great in all black and white.

  3. Happy birthday to Keara!! You both look so fabulous for the occasion- your strappy sandals are hot!

    Thank you so much for your warm comforting words. It was so kind of you to care. xxxx


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