Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love Without Boundaries

Sometimes there are things in life that do not need to be explained... they just are... or they just can be.
My grandmother Bienvenida ("Welcome" in Spanish), has always been such a loving person.  In my eyes she has always been a really simple person... she loves her family. She loves God and reading her Bible.  She has a fondness for animals and growing cactus plants and a love for things purple and yellow.
Unfortunately, in her old age she has been suffering from dementia and now has to live in an assisted living facility in Texas.
We were able to go and visit and spend some time with her.
Aveline hasn't seen her in a few years and so they didn't really remember each other, but there was a strange and awesome connection there, for the both of them and for me...

There is sometimes that unexplained spark... and it is awesome.
When there is love in your life there are no boundaries. There is no real space or element that can separate that connection... not even memory.
I hope she continues to do well and I hope I get to see her again soon! 


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  1. Ok that top pic of the three of you just moved me to tears. Family, especially the good ones just put so much richer meaning in our lives- beautiful ladies!


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