Saturday, July 2, 2011

My First Sacramento Blogger Meet-up

So this was something I was looking forward to for a couple weeks...
and it. was. awesome!


For any of the ladies that were there...
If I seemed like I was a shy, blithering idiot, it's probably because I was so stoked and so starstruck in a way.

I read loads of blogs.
I comment on some.
I have my faves.
Some of these ladies are just awesome beyond words.

I felt out of my league for sure.  Sacramento is so lucky to have such amazing talent and creativity in its midst.

I want to thank Bella Q of the Citizen Rosebud for inviting me and for being so awesome!  She has done so much to make me feel welcome back to Sacramento and to get my little blog some readership (remember I guest blogged for her?!).  I don't know what I would do without her!  She rocks my socks!

Kari from Juniper James seems to have the energy of ten, combined into her one tiny person! She is so gorgeous and awesome and I hope I get to meet up with her again!  Starstruck a little for sure ;-)  I don't think I would know any Sac bloggers if I had not gotten her link.

A few of the others I was so lucky to meet that I read frequently are Ann who is so glamorous in person it's ridiculous, Skylar is amazing and cheerful and is so witty, Melody is just one of those amazingly cool chicks you want to be friends with! and Nikki is a pint-sized party all her own and working hard at what she does, is definitely going places with her blog and her online shop!   It was kind of surreal.  These ladies all have unique styles, interesting insight into creative work in the Sacramento area and I a major knowledge of vintage which I am so jealous of.

Thank you everyone and I cannot WAIT to see, do and write more.  I am just a gal from Sac who loves clothes, thrifting, taking pictures and writing about all of it.  It's incredible beyond explanation to be invited to spend time amongst people that can appreciate that and that love blogging and do it above and beyond anything I could do.



  1. I am so glad you made it out and met the gang, V!

  2. Glad to have you with us! I think we all felt intimidated (except maybe bella ;) ) starting out, but now it feels more like family! We'll have to get together again soon!


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