Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outfit: Minty with a side of pleats

This outfit...
These shorts...
Yeah, Vera Wang does weirdly cool things with pleats.  I took a chance with these and I was met with compliments so I guess they work!

The shoes were a free pair in the Salvation Army's BOGO sale on shoes.  I chose these by default because all others that fit me were either satin or stiletto heeled... neither of which are my style. BUT when I did take them home, I immediately thought of Coury from Fancy Treehouse!  She is so awesome at rocking the awesome vintage flats and pastel-y color palette.  Even my mum (who was my awesome photog for today!) suggested the minty green to go with the shoes.  Treehouse-inspiration ensued. Henceforth, my tribute to Coury:

I scored some majorly awesome stuff at the Salvation Army $0.99 sale! All clothes were .99 and shoes were $4 a pair and buy one get one free!  Holy moly! Walked outta there spending only $16 with a bigass bag!  I wish Coury could actually help me style one of the pieces I bought... I'll have to browse her site for inspiration for my trip to San Fran. on Monday.

I am thinking of adding a page to my blog to sell some pieces I have accumulate... sort of a mini shop.  I have a bunch of thrifted and vintage pieces I am willing to part with... so stay tuned for that!

What I wore:
Minty top, bought in Germany.  Simply Vera Wang shorts from Kohls.  Vintage bag and shoes.  Accessories - miscellaneous (F21, Nordstroms, COACH, H&M)



  1. the mint is refreshing and that bag looks delicous!

  2. I adore those shoes! Would totally wear 'em! Looking forward to seeing what pieces you'll be selling.

  3. Yes! Those shoes are amazing! Of course I love them...and you! :)

  4. ahhh mint green is WONDERFUL on you! and those shoes- lovely!

  5. I love this casual chic look. You look stunning

  6. Do it! Do it! Rock the pouf! hehe


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