Monday, July 25, 2011

Stuff n Things: More Kors

So in case you did not already know, I think I am pretty spoiled!
In the process of buying a home, it is no time to be frivolously spending...
I think the world still knows it's my birthday month.  July has been AWESOME.

Hello Michael Kors belt!!!  I found it at Twice as Nice Consignment store in old Roseville.  Black with gold hardware, perfect condition!! Much less than the price of a new one.

My parents are way too generous and brought this home for me on their way back from the coast! OMG! Perfect, right?!  Like I said: HELLA spoiled.

Other things I am loving right now:

Essie nailpolish in Mochachino and Trophy Wife.

Coconut water.  Refreshing. Delicious. Different.

Cafe Bustelo. I had some with family while I was in Texas and now I am craving it.
Red Riding Hood.  It was a blend of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow meets Catherine Hardwick's Twilight which makes sense because it is a Catherine Hardwick film.  I loved it.  It was fantasy and fairytale, slightly sick and twisted and very sexy at the same time!

So there are my faves and things as of late.  I have had some major thrifting scores, but my husband (aka, outfit post photographer) is out of town on work assignment, so hopefully I can squeeze in some outfit posts with the goods soon!


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  1. Re your latest comment: Wedgies and jumpsuits...ahahaha! You're awesome! What a fab present from your parents! Lucky you! Gotta love MK


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