Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Til the cows come home

It has been a whirlwind since my birthday last week!
I was whipped off to Texas for a family reunion-ish birthday celebration for about 5 days (hence lack of blog posts this week... I should maybe get better about hooking up guest posts, etc.)
It was HOT... like "super duper duper hot" (my daughter's emphasis on everything lately).
But Texas was awesome! the family I was able to see, the amazing food (fried chicken, bbq, steak, my family's cooking)! real cowboys! the fun wild west vibe! the longhorn cattle.  Sacramento has it's own rugged history involving the 49ers and the gold rush and the end of the railroad, etc... but there was something so fantastic about seeing Texas, Fort Worth in particular, which is home to the beautiful longhorn cattle and the Ft. Worth stockyard.

It was soooo hot though... it was hard to imagine wearing anything other than jersey knit dresses and sandals... that was about as creative as I could get.  Avii made good use of her new cowgirl hat, which her Papa helped her pick out! (she wanted to look like Jessie from Toy Story). 

More to come on my Texas trip! Definitely need to return when I can handle walking outside for more than one hour... Fall perhaps? 106 degrees just wasn't doing it for me!


What I wore:
Favorite new stripey dress from discount store. Blowfish sandals, Michael Kors bag. Sunnies from Nordstroms.

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  1. You were in Texas? I live here! Now you understand just how creative I have to be to come up with a remotely cute outfit in this heat! Glad you enjoyed your time here. Come on back anytime!


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