Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Outfit: Me and my Calvins

I like to call this my "werk it girrrl" outfit! Hahaha...
totally kidding...
But it is kinda seksi simple...
I am workin my vintage Calvin Klein cutoffs with a meshy vintage top to show off some day-worthy skin!

The earrings are from Texas and are pretty cool I think.  I have never seen anything like them.  The shorts I bought for $.99 at a Salvation Army sale.  The top I bought in Germany.  It is so soft and has a mother-of-pearl button closure... I am a sucker for mother-of-pearl buttons! 

Anyways... I am going to spend some time with the husband.  just finished watching Crybaby with super young, super hott Johnny Depp... I feel outfit inspiration coming on!!!

What I wore:
Thrifted Calvin Klein jean shorts (vintage), black mesh top (vintage), H&M tube top, Lucky Brand clogs, alexa-style bag.



  1. Um- LOVING the metallic bag!!!

  2. Cute look. I love those earrings. They are amazing.

  3. Ah, the mess top reminds me of the 80s, and naturally you'd find those unique earrings in the great state of Texas!!


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