Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Outfit: Puss in Boots

Wow! I felt so awesomely rockstar in my new boots!  I finally got some!  Motorcycle-inspired boots!  Yes!  Exactly what I needed.
You know me, being a flats girl, these babies were a MUST for my wardrobe.  I found them at a discount store for too good of a price... totally worth every penny. 

Sorry for the photo overload! I was just having some fun!  This was definitely MY kind of outfit.  I liked bringing my knockoff Alexa bag into the mix... it is school-girlish with a twist.  Isn't the color of this tunic gorgeous?  It's hard to find anything this color and this fabric for this good of a price! 

Oh, and isn't my husband a hottie?! He doesn't even have to try... i try... really hard in fact.  He said of my outfit that I "looked like Julia Roberts from a certain romantic prostitute movie"... thanks hun! really!  I think rockstar! he thinks hooker... just great! 
And on a hairy note... I am moving my hair part over a little bit and making it a little deeper... this hair length is getting a bit awkward already... not sure how i feel about it still... so many girls make it look fabulous. I don't know about myself though.

What I wore:
Simply Vera Wang tunic.  H&M skirt.  Motorcycle boots and Silver bag from discount store.



  1. I NEED some boots like those!! I'll be on a mission to find motorcycle boots when I get to San Antonio.

  2. Wow! Cuz you guys look GORGEOUS! I love your boots! And I loved that movie btw. I can't wait to one day see you as a grown up and meet your hubby. Much luv!


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