Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Outfit: What Would Carrie Do?

I love how people reference a photo or a person or a character for style, or more specifically - outfit inspiration.  I have come to understand something about myself:  I like expensive things.  I love high fashion as well as high street fashion.  What I also understand is that my budget does not quite allow me to indulge in high fashion prices... and if I could, would I actually spend that much?

It's like a mission or something for me to get the look and feel of a certain high fashion look for a fraction of the cost... thrifting is usually part of the equation.  Add in some cheaper high street and I might be able to pull it off sometimes!

I am not saying I do not think people shouldn't spend a lot of money on pieces of fashion.  I have my own philosophy about it.  I do believe that pieces such as handbags and shoes should be invested in... especially if they are classic pieces, and still, there are ways to get those items below the average retail price.  I know I will use my new leather Michael Kors satchel for years, as compared to many of the blouses I have; and I would be far from upset if I got some Frye boots or Tory Burch flats between now and Christmas...

Anyways, onto the outfit...

Here is the inspiration photo:
Yes... Carrie Bradshaw from SATC 2 in this photo... wearing Alexander Wang and Manolos.  I love her style (Patricia Field's styling I guess).  She mixes super high end, with some expensive vintage...
I loved the looseness of the top and the skirty bottom together.  I tried to channel the feel of the look in my own way!  I have been wanting a look like this, but it is harder than you would think to pull it off... the clothes have to lay just right or else you wind up looking too boxy!  My version of the outfit is all thrifted except for the accessories!  I LOVE the necklace tucked into the top... I don't know why I think it's super subtly sexy.

What I wore:
Thrifted top, skirt (vintage), shoes (BCBG).  Michael Kors bag. F21 and Nordstroms accessories.

How do you think I did?  Also, I just purchased the style book to SATC 2, so I will have even more high end style inspiration besides my magazine subscriptions to browse through.



  1. Yes! This was one of my favorite looks from that movie! I've been rocking it myself since last summer. I love your color combo; those rich tones together look so, well, rich!


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