Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stuff n Things: Pink and Polished

I honestly try so hard sometimes to not be so disgustingly girlie, but sometimes, deep deep down, I wish I could be barbie-blonde and wear hot pink a la Elle Woods!  I can't rock the blonde, but I can get my pink on!

The antique mirrored platter was my Grandmother's, and I can't wait to have it in my new home to hold my rings and perfume bottle like my mom used to.

I got me some fancy earbuds for listening at the gym.  These are Coby brand.  Super cheap. They sound great and don't fall out of my ears!

I love the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails colors... they are very anti-chip for how cheap they are, especially!  I got Hot Magenta.  I needed a shimmery hot pink.  It makes such a difference compared to just a creamy pink.

The super hot pink rose pin (from Tilly's) and tiny ring (from Denio's) are Aveline's!

Loving hot pink and orange.  Have any of you seen SJP on the cover of Marie Claire? She looks amazing in the bright colors.  My mom called them my sherbert nails!  The fluffy ring I wore for my birthday tea party!

What are your favorite indulgent colors?  I know someone out there must have a weakness like me!


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