Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stuff n Things: What's In a Name?

Hey guys!  Some awesome new stuff and things this week!

So on my dream wishlist of things I could never truly hope to buy at retail price are an Alexa Mulberry bag and Swedish Hasbeen clogs
Oh looky here:

My silvery Alexa-lookalike!

And my Swedish Hasbeen-style clogs!  They are Lucky Brand, bought on sale at Macy's (thanks Mumsie)!!!

I avoided paying for the name and still got the same looks!  So stoked to have and style these pieces.  The clogs will be perfect for the rest of the summer and into the California Fall.  And the bag adds a splash on silver into my wardrobe amidst all the brassy gold I have been using.

Other stuff:
Purple Shake!
May look scary, but it's so deliiiiish!

Blueberries, banana, soy protein powder, ice and extra key ingredient: Coconut milk!!!!  try it, you might like it!  coconut and blueberries... genious blend!

well that's it for this week! stay tuned for more.

Vanessa aka Queen Vii

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  1. Great pieces indeed. Since blogging I also care more about the look and effect than the name brand.
    Love the clogs a lot.


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