Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy 4 Year Anniversary to my Hubz!!

(DisclaimerInstead of searching for a card that says the "right" thing, I am blogging it!  So be forewarned... it might get mushy ahead!)

To my awesome, wonderful, beloved, seksi husband, Jorden...
You know I love you. 
You know I adore you. 
You know you are my favorite grown-up person in existence. 
You know that I am writing this to wish you a happy, wonderful amazing anniversary! 

Four years...  I typed it first as "our years," missing the "f."  And I paused at that just now and thought, "Yes, these are our years... our years together, that we have shared, that we have cherished and loved each other and grown and bickered and fought.  And they have been the happiest years of my life yet!

I hope that the future years will forever be "our years."  I never want them to be just mine... they won't ever be just mine, as long as you are around.  You make all my dreams come true... dreams that I have had, new dreams that pop up (you know I dream a lot!)... I am blessed/gifted/spoiled beyond belief by you.  You are the "sponsor" of my life and dreams!    You love me without fail, as I love you.


You are such an amazing, incredible dad to our sweet little Aveline!  You sacrifice so much, being in the US Air Force to provide an amazing life for us.  You support me in everything... and we all know I need a lot of support.
I don't know how I wound up being so lucky to be married to you, but I try not to question or doubt the good things in my life... and you are definitely one of the best things in my life every single day.

We have been through quite a lot these last four years, traveling Europe together, growing in our love and trust and comfort.  I think the next years will continue to be amazing with the purchase of our first house!  Our first real, own home!  And it is a house of dreams for me! 

What else can we expect in our years to come?  Traveling America?!  I hope so!  Exploring the Carribean? Maybe!  Making our home truly ours and us?!  Definitely!  Loving each other and growing even closer together?  Without a doubt!!


I hope the last four years have been as wonderful for you as they have been for me.  I try my hardest to be a great wife and I will do my best to always make you happy and feel loved and cared for.  I love you... for always...

Happy 4 year Anniversary!!!!

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