Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Outfit: Intertwined

This week, Stuff n Things is going to be moved to Friday! So stay tuned for something special!
For today's special, a good ol' outfit post... seems like it's been a while since one of those has come up!

It all started with the necklace, then the bag, then the tee...
I don't know if this outfit actually makes sense on paper but I like it! Comfortable, I felt cute (which is always the most important thing) and a bit funky!

It was a busy and awesome day!  I am working really hard at trying to build up my photography experience and portfolio so I had a photoshoot I worked on today. 

Did some shoe shopping (shoe trying for me) and got my mums her birthday present (Frye Boots! omfgfgfgfg! be jealous!)  It was fun trying on really expensive shoes and prancing around the store in my short shorts! I did some sweater-scoping as well... trying to figure out my fall purchase wishlist... I am going back to having a more refined closet... shopaholic-ness has been a bit overwhelming lately... gotta stop spending frivolously!  There are some major purchases to be made in the near future!

The slouchy tee is from Target and although I don't love this shade of purple I am so in love with the fit and feel of this tee I wanted it in every color I could find!  The necklace I bought on vacation in Lake Tahoe and thought it was too cool and unique to pass up! Fun colors and a very different look... almost creepy, but not quite there with having a bunch of rope near my throat. I thought the bag matched the necklace well!  The Harvey's Seatbelt Bag was a $4 find at the Goodwill! 

And say hello to the Michael Kors aviators!!!  Perfect sunglasses!

What I wore:
Tee from Target.  Shorts from Kohl's.  Lucky Brand black leather clogs.  Harvey's Original Seatbelt bag.  Necklace from Lake Tahoe shop.  Michael Kors sunglasses. Guess earrings.

Stay tuned for more good stuff this week!
For reals,
come back!!!!


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  1. cute!! love the sandals! <3



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