Monday, September 26, 2011

Outfit: Miss(i)oni Complete

Mr. Heckles

It's been a looong 5 weeks, topped off with weeks of waiting for something else epic, with a splash of waiting for fashion in the mix...
Statistics class is over! Mission completed there!
I waited for Missoni... and I have worn my flats almost every day since I got them! Love them so much.  And while waiting for it to not be blazing balls hot, it was finally overcast and cool enough for me to wear the goods together!
I could come up with endless outfits including these two pieces...
But here is one, which I wore for a family fun, kid friendly kind of day!
Geek-steppin in my new faves!

Play off the amazing colors or the fun patterns... it makes me happy!  Lots more fun to come!

I think I want to try to come up with a nail design to match the chevron pattern... that's what I am going to spend my time on, instead of statistics!

what I wore:

Missoni for Target cardigan and flats.  F21 Jeans.  Chartreuse tank from Target.  Zebra drippy heart tee from Marshall's.  Accessories from here and there...

I am brain dead right now so I'll leave it be!


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