Sunday, September 18, 2011

Outfit: Romantia

This is my style of romantic:
Flowy, soft layers of beautiful fabric.  Jersey-knit.  Flat shoes.  Loose hair.  Something black to match my hair. 

I wore this for my husband and my anniversary a few days ago.  I thrifted this dress from Goodwill.

The label on the dress said "Made in Romania" and before I even read it I knew there was something very European about this one.  The feel of the fabric, the construction of the dress... I have seen pieces like this in many boutiques in Germany and they were always so expensive... nearly 100 euros most of them!

I think the best thing about my outfit that day had to be my gorgeous new wedding set (if you haven't seen it already!  I am totally bragging... i love it so much!).  I am also loving navy blue nails and hot pink lips right now. 

What I wore:
Thrifted Romanian dress.  Black leggings.  Motorcycle-style boots.  Material Girl necklace, gifted.  Michael Kors sunglasses.

Anyways... back to my HELL which is statistics and calculus... good thing I have some positivity to look forward to.  I need to hope and pray A LOT these next few weeks.

(things I wish I could be doing instead of crying over math and the military:  enjoying fashion week, planning outfits, editing photos, catching up on blogs, correspondence and my September issues, sleeping, eating better)



  1. so thoughtful. love the post...and THANK YOU for sharing THE JUGGLE. sorry...misery (especially mine) LOVES company and it's nice to read there are other divas out there trying to jam it all in. why i think i'm the only one that has to FIGHT for time for blogs, fashion, fun, games and 'romance'...i'll never know. i know BETTER but i do forget. especially when i see such consistently AMAZING blog posts and photoshoots! go diva!

  2. LOVE the dress!

    hang in there - I can't even cut arithmatic so I'm rooting for you to triumph or your calculas, stat!

  3. Hahaha Guess certainly doesn't make shoes for walkin'. I had a pair that took forever to wear in, and still hurt if I wore them longer than an hour.

    As for choosing a nude shoe, it helps to get some close to your skin tone. I actually get lucky in that area because I have pale skin. You might need to try a slightly darker version. It's kind of like picking foundation, really. There are cool tones and warm tones. Keep trying!

  4. This is one great dress. I really love its shape and how it fits! Beautiful


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