Friday, September 16, 2011

Stuff N Things: Missoni and Diamonds!

First off,
Did anyone score and keep any of the Missoni goodies that made it to Target?! 
I diiiiid!!!

 I heard it was mayhem and by the time I got to the store most things were wiped out!  I was really hoping to get some towels and bathroom home decor stuff, but I was sooo excited to get the flats and cardigan! Those were the two main clothing pieces I really loved from the collection.  They are exactly in my color pallette for fall and winter!  My mom scored the gorgeous duvet set and a cami in the lighter brown and peachy tones!

Speaking of Italian goodies, my good friend Courtney is living in Vicenza now and sent me this lovely piece:

It is so beautiful and in my favorite color!  I can't wait to play photoshoot and dressup with this amazing mask!  She is so sweet to have thought of me and send me such a gorgeous gift!

I keep it atop my new:
I love my desk!!!!  I can't wait to set up my new office and photo studio and have this piece in there!!  I found it at the Denio's Auction and could not resist it for $45!!! new!!! it was a floor model in a showroom...

BUT... the best piece/thing this week and I think EVER is my new....
Let me give you the "before" piece...
My wedding band for the last 4 years... Beautiful, 3 rows of 11 diamonds channel set in white gold... 1ct tw.  I loved this ring and it was useful, especially while having a baby to handle and take care of and carry around... no big diamond to snag or scratch her.  That was my original desire for this ring.  We did not have much money when we first got married.  I never got an actual engagement ring.  I had a plain, solid white gold band, which I will keep forever... and then I got this and loved it and it was in the budget, so it was great!  Well, yesterday was Jorden and my 4 year anniversary and he surprised me with an early, amazing upgrade!!!

(I am being a super brag-ass right now)
Diamonds all around!  A ring of my dreams!  Bigger and better than anything I could have ever imagined would belong to me!  We talked about getting me an "upgrade" maybe at the 5-year mark, but this one came into my sights and it made an impression!  The band and setting have diamonds on all 3 exposed sides.  I love the "v" chevron under the solitaire setting... the diamond (.72 cts) is incredibly brilliant!  He must really really really love me!  He totally and completely surprised me by buying it (and with the bigger stone, too!).  He says I deserve it, but I don't think I do.  But I am grateful, that's for sure!!  We are in a good place in our lives right now and I could not be happier with this amazing gift and representation of our love for each other.  This ring is very "me" I think.

SO there ya have it darlings!  Sorry "Stuff n Things" got bumped a few days, but I think this is the best one yet!



  1. Congrats on the Missoni score but mostly congrats on your lovely 4 anniversary gift from your gorgeous hubby! Be a brag-ass! It is beautfiul- like you!

  2. Dang, sister! What a rock! Gorgeous, gorgeous. I was at Target at 8am Tuesday morning helping the employees unpack the Missoni shipment. Hehe.


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