Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Hello Tuesday!  I am overwhelmed right now, so to distract myself I am blogging!  Always a good trade-off right?!

Seagulls in Santa Cruz... one-legged seagulls at that!
Monterey Seafood: 
Shrimp, fish and chips... best when it's so fresh!

Sea-creatures! (the jellies and sea turtles, not the husband!)
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

It's my favorite month for magazines!!! September Issues... the biggest and the best!

I have been having a bad shopaholic's week... but the goods that have been reaped are epic!!!  I think I am going to be having a very stylish Fall, if it ever cools down.  I actually WANT to wear some pants instead of shorts or skirts...  One of my fave finds this week:
Harvey's Original Seatbelt Bag!
Salvation Army $.99 sales.  Goodwill stops and Deseret Industries are definitely getting my support these days... repurposing clothes saves the environment!  saving the environment helps all living things on Earth! My shopping is saving the world!  (Do you think my husband will buy that whole spiel?!)

Have any of you guys shopped the Labor Day Sales this last weekend?  What are your searches for the fall season?  Mine are definitely pants, blazers, collared shirts, and loafers/flats in my fave neutrals and color blocking favorites.

Queen VII

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