Monday, October 24, 2011

Outfit: Hi-top on the Hill

I don't know what it is about o.t.k. boots... you can call them hooker-boots all you want, but I love skirts and I love my super tall boots!
We took a little family trip up to Apple Hill today!  Got our fill of beautiful scenery, fresh pressed apple cider, crisp apple turnovers and lots of pictures.  It feels like you step back in time and feel the true meaning of fall.

What I wore:
Thrifted denim vest. Dress from F21. Boots bought in Europe. Longchamp bag.

A simple outfit for a simply awesome, fun, sunny crisp day.

On a blogging note... I am thinking of giving up on Chictopia.  I don't know if it really brings much traffic to my blog.  Sometimes it seems like more of a popularity contest website.  I don't know if it is worth the time or effort to maintain.  I would rather put more time into making THIS page better... adding and improving and linking up my photography page.
I do love outfit posts though.  Is there anything better out there than Chictopia?


ps... I'll be here!!!!


  1. I love otk boots! I think the flat heel makes em non-stripperish!

  2. lookbook is the only other serious option and its even more of a popularity contest for those under 25.

    just work on this blog- and your peeps will find you!

  3. ps: you look rad in your otk boots

    pss: ditch your word verification


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