Monday, October 31, 2011


I have so much to catch up on!  So many pictures of so many fun things that have been going on this month!
We have been so busy with the new house that we have only been to a couple pumpkin patches, but I did get some great photos of my beautiful family!

It's so hard not to want to take a million photos in the fall.  Everyone looks good in fall colors and the warm, rich lighting that comes with the early evenings.  October is the month of a million of my favorite things and it's so hard to believe it is almost over and we will be in November already.  Halloween is tomorrow and I think I am ready! Hopefully Aveline will have fun trick or treating and get loads of candy!  I want tootsie rolls for days!!!



  1. What great pics and such a handsome family! I love the one where you are hucking a pumpkin at the hubs! Happy Halloween!

  2. Great photos of you and your beautiful family. You are truly blessed!


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