Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Housewarming & Second Sunday

So we finally had our Housewarming!!!  We were finally unpacked and organized and decorated enough in our first home to actually have people over and it was awesome!  I am so proud of my husband and myself for having been able to buy a home and get it together!  although we could not have done it without the help from several people... most of all, my parents!  We did not expect the housewarming to be typical with people buying us gifts, although the gifts, cards and giftcards we got were very welcomed and we are super grateful... we just wanted to share what we have accomplished!
some of our guests for the evening!

thanking my parents above all!

My mum's MK Edie bag from us!

He wanted the Bear Grylls knife and got it!!!!

beautiful gift basket from my friend Natalie!

my sista from anotha mista... the beautiful Jennie!

Blouse, shorts, knee socks, boots!
It was an amazing party that lasted from 230 pm til 230 am the next morning... which was pretty rough considering I had to wake up to be downtown at 830 in the morning for the Second Sunday open air market!

The market was fun... although there weren't major sales made, it was free, it was fun to meet up with some of the local blogger gals in town.  We talked a lot, browsed each other's goods, bought, sold, traded with each other and made a good time of it I think!  I scored major with a silk Halston blouse, a Lacoste cardi and a prince-of-wales checkered dress!!!  AAAAnd....

Got to meet Erin from Calivintage!!!!
You can't even know how stoked I was about this!  She is like celebrity status in my book!  I love her blog so much and lots!  She has such an amazing style and her taste is so cool and unique.  She is definitely a style icon of mine and her blog is one of the reasons I really started mine! She is an inspiration and extra sweet and adorable in person!
Bella from the Citizen Rosebud and Lisa from Closet Candy lookin good and selling goodies!
Shanley of the Nakate project bought this piece from me! Vintage from Germany... it looked super cute on her!

Natalie was my amazing "shop girl" for the day and a total trooper for hanging out with me from morning til afternoon!  I could spend an entire day just chattin it up with her!! She isn't totally hip to the blogger scene, but she is a Sactown girl to the core and loves downtown and all its ins and outs.

This whole experience has really made me

Special thanks go out to Lynda from This n That Thrift for letting me set up and hang out for the day!!!
Also had a great time chatting with Jen from Wade and Associates, Mary Van Note and got to see the girls from Juniper James shopping about!  I am not in this part of town as often as I would like to be, so it was a real treat to see everyone that I read about and see photos of online.  I also am inspired to set up my online shop asap.  Everyone is happy with vintage pieces in their lives!



  1. First off- happy housewarming to you! what a great thing to be a homeowner- I can't wait to see you decorate your place.

    Two: you in particular were a highlight for me at the open air market. I love how you were friendly with everybody, including Erin of Calivintage- I could tell she was stoked that you took her picture, and she is pretty awesome.

    I can't wait to wear my new Queenie vintage too.
    xo. Bella Q

  2. It was fantastic having all of our blogger-fashion gals in person,in one place, doing that tempt-tell-sell thing you all do so well.


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