Monday, November 14, 2011

Outfit: Miss Berry

I have not been into my normal outfit planning routine, so some days are jeans and tees and some days are... well... like this!

Pieced together with fun and little inspiration other than a detail...
Some of my favorite outfits are the ones that are sparked from one small piece...
In this case, the vest, which lead to the skirt, then the socks, plus the blazer!

I bought this fantastically spread-eagled little piece out of a 3 for $5 bin at the Sacramento Second Sunday Antique Faire last month (this month I was a seller nearby and will blog about it next time!).  It was too stupidly adorable to pass up and I fear it will make its appearance more than once this fall.  Who doesn't love unitards or gymnastics on knits?!  And my Chanel-esque blazer is a new fave for sure!
I didn't exactly have anywhere interesting to go but I definitely strutted my stuff in Harbor Freight tools, Home Depot and Sportsmans Wearhouse while running errands with my husband!  Gave those guys an impromptu fashion show!

A LOOOt has been going on and I will finally catch up on my updates and blogging...  the housewarming, the second Sunday sale and a special GUEST BLOGGER this month!  my first!!! so stoked about this!

hope you all have a good evening!

What I wore:
Vintage blazer and sweater vest.  American Apparel deep v-neck tee.  H&M skirt. Knee socks and Chinese Laundry boots.  Michael Kors bag.  Accessories from H&M.



  1. Love me some Rachel Berry! Cute outfit!!! I love the colors!

  2. Get it!! Love the colors and the stripe mini


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