Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dear Santa...

I have not been particularly good, but I do try my best.
I don't have a lot on my Christmas wishlist this year, as I have so so so much newness (and vintage goodness) already in my life as of recent...
But if I was going to ask for some gifts I have a couple-few frivolities in mind...

A POP phone!!! don't they look like fun?  so much better than a bluetooth or any other headset right?!

A Cambridge Satchel in the neon yellow... I would wear it with gorgeous plain neutrals... and I would carry it around and love it every day.

And the ever-blog-present Lita boots... I just can't shake them.  They are hideously awesome, tall as frankenstein-fuck and work with so many looks in such an awesomely odd way... I am jealous every time I see a photo of a girl wearing them... I will take them in glitter and the beigey-brown because it is neutral and would look awesome with my neon cambridge satchel.

If not this Christmas, maybe some other day!  I have so much to be thankful for... my Christmas tree and all the decorations on it are a gift to me... my first Christmas, in my own house, in California... put that in a box and let me open it!!!



  1. i feel the same about these shoes, i tried the glitter ones on in a store the other day they were amazing! so much better looking in reality

  2. I'm torn on them as well, they totally don't suit my style so I'll never get them but they ARE pretty rad and ugly and overplayed at the same time. I think I preferred these:


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