Saturday, December 31, 2011

Keepin it simple...

I am having so much fun reading everyone's retrospectives and seeing all the amazing fashion and style of everyone's year!  Fashion is walking art and personal style is something that is so awesome to me. 
This last year has truly been the best year of my life and if you've been following me this last year you know what I'm talking about!
From Europe to California, from renting to owning, from long to short, adding a tattoo, adding a puppy to the family, diamonds and Disneyland with a side of Michael Kors... I cannot begin to be thankful enough for all that I have in my life.
My husband is the best of the best.  My daughter is a blessing and an angel.  My family is beyond amazing and my friends are relentlessly there for me.  Life is so full.  I do not want this year to end,,,
So hopefully next year will bring more of the same!

I have goals, not resolutions... I have hopes and dreams but no expectations... I want to be healthy, happy and productive and have a few ideas of how to make that happen, so stay tuned for more!

Love you, blessings from whatever form of spiritual love you may believe in, and always be grateful for what you have!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, welcome 2012... I can't stop ya from coming!


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  1. Happy New Year,hon!I wish you all the best in 2012!


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