Saturday, December 3, 2011

Outfit: I'm a-wearing my Levi's

My dad used to sing this song...
good mornin' world/ I'mma ready for you!
and I'mma wearing my Leviiiii's/

I never thought about if he made it up, or got it from some old folksy song... he sang it to me when I was teeny tiny.
But all I know now for sure is that I LOVE levis.  Keep your J.Brands and True Religions, your Lucky Jeans and Seven for All Mankinds... your ass will never look as good in any of those as it will in a pair of well-fitted Levi's!

I decided to go for it and do denim on denim... which is just wrong and so not me on so many levels.  But the winds were blustery crazy flowy and I always love a good dose of "Cry Baby" inspiration...
I was feeling the chill in the air, so out came the faux fur stole that I wear all the time.
hey there, Butter's!

I can only go so boyish with an outfit.  I am also rockin my new Isabel Marant Dicker knockoffs! Love love loooove them... I wish they had them in more colors... this would be a year round staple wardrobe item!

I got lots to do still so I'm gonna run!  But you guys have an awesome eve, day and week.  Dress cute and comfortable while doing all your holiday running-amuck!

What I wore:
Levi's jeans, Qupid boots, Target slouchy tee, thrifted chambray shirt, H&M fur stole, Harvey's Original seatbelt bag. 



  1. Denim on denim is oh so right! Love how you've styled this look!!!

  2. So cute! I never thought I would like a fur stole but that's awesome!


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