Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Outfit: Nude and Neon

I am loving the trends that incorporate all the cool fluoro and neon pieces.  I am always a fan of the cobalt blue but I am loving the neon limey greens.  I like being able to wear neon and not feel like a teeny-bopper or a back-up dancer for LMFAO! hahaha!
The trick I discovered:  mix it in with super neutral tones, a la taupe, tan and black!
I really love this outfit.  It totally embodies a lot of essential pieces I am inspired by lately.  The slouchy blazer reminds me of the one SJP wore in Sex and the City 2 with her Pucci dress.  The boots remind me of the Isabel Marant Dicker boots and I love furry and leather goods mixed with brassy metals.

What I wore:
Thrifted vintage blazer. H&M faux fur stole. Neon tee bought at Ross. Black pants from Love Culture. Vintage leather clutch. Booties by Qupid from Reflection.  Cuff from F21 (michael kors inspired!).



  1. I love this combination. I am totally inspired to re-create.

  2. Been wanting to wear some neon myself. Expertly styled look, my friend!


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