Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Outfit: Paperbagged leather goods

The winter in California is something I will never take for granted again.  It is simply glorious and I will bask in it daily.
Dressing is more fun when you don't have to pile on layers like an eskimo.  I have this new coat-type-jacket and I love it.  It's fleecey, yet has a slouchy blazer fit to it, but add on a furry trimmed hood! What more could I ask for?
Doesn't my clutch look like a brown paper bag?!

The hubs asked me if "flares were back in"... I told him "perrty much.  These are the only ones I have that I really love.  I need to style them up more often.  Have you seen my newish boots?  They are pretty much the best!

What I wore:
Thrifted jeans. Vintage leather clutch (bought at Sac Antique Faire).  Top bought at Ross. Jacket from some cute girlie store at the mall.  Booties by Qupid.

Gotta love my hun for volunteering to snap these photos quickfast before we headed out on our errands!

Ready for Christmas yet?!


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