Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Outfit: Desert

I am at such a strange place in my life right now... I am happy.  I am scared.  I am grateful. I am upset.  I am positive.  I am nervous.  I am excited.  I am torn. 

The seasons are finally starting to change.  Sacramento looks like a desert now... everything is brown and beige from lack of rain, dry cool air and loads of sunshine.  Isn't this northern California winter?  What the fuck is going on?  Weird beyond words... but supposedly things are going to be "normal" again right?

What I am getting at is, no matter how hard you try, you cannot expect things to go the way you want/expect/need them to go... with people, weather, work... things will fight you and go against you or how you want them to go.  And I am not far away anymore.  I don't have the shelter of distance to hide from it all.  It was easy being 8,000 miles away and not have to face the reality of things that can make me upset and worried and miserable. Or face the fears that I have problems that are serious and ugly.

What does one do?  Face it?  Fight it?  Lock the door? Turn out the light?  Turn the other cheek?  Be that bitch?  I don't know... I don't know...

I feel like this outfit matches my mood lately.  A little bit ugly.  A little bit sheer.  Confusing?

What I wore:
Hang ten blouse.  Vintage pants.  Booties by Qupid.  F21 cuff and necklace.  Walmart sunglasses.  Watch from Charming Charlie.  Michael Kors Hamilton tote. 


ps... Emotional/mental rollercoaster right now and if anyone says it is because I am a girl and I am hormonal you can kiss my ass.  There is nothing I hate more than when people dismiss real emotion for being PMS-related. 


  1. I love the colors and how slouchy cut the pieces are and somehow you still look slim in them. That is hard to pull off...

    1. It really can be difficult to wear slouchy things and not look messy or boxy! thank you!


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