Sunday, January 15, 2012

Outfit: Holgasmic Rosebud

I finally got my new Holga Lens for my Nikon! And it is probably the most fun toy I could have right now... although a bit testy with lighting, who doesn't love the Holga effect on photos? 

Nobody uses film or polaroids anymore.  With all the vintage styling that is so prominent I think it is a necessary, fun piece... I don't have time for much photo-shopping to get the desired vintage photo effects, so the lens is a fun, easy way to play retro!

(FYI... photo overload with this one)

I bought this blazer over the summer at the Fringe Parking lot sale from my girl Bella over at the Citizen Rosebud so shout-out to her for giving me a great deal on this fabulousness... I kept the outfit all black to completely emphasize the vintage blazer... and what better way to show love for my darlin rose, Bella, than to rock my Betsey Johnson rosey bag and my enamel rose ring?!  I have some more pieces from her that I'm gonna be rocking in the next week or two...

Check out her shop online and I think she might be selling some goods over at the Fringe.

What I wore:
BLACK tee from target, pants from F21 and boots from Ross.  Vintage blazer from the Citizen Rosebud.  Betsey Johnson bag.  Sunnies from Goodwill.

OH!!! I have a little trivia for all you street-style blog followers... Who's signature pose am I stealing here?  Guess right and maybe I'll have a prize for ya!



  1. You rock. And you are totally rocking that blazer girl. Love your style!

  2. I want your necklace. The end. =)


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