Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Outfit: Silk and leather

For a day at the park I think dressing the same color as a tennis ball is not a bad way to go!  Jk... it was kind of random we wound up at the park, but we picked up a pack of tacos after getting Avii from school and thought we would eat somewhere sunny.  This was my dressier-than-normal errands outfit.

Seriously, where is winter?  I am not complaining... just curious.  I am not trying to ask for a lot though.  I am enjoying layering my bits and pieces and not having to be burdened with a coat, but when it is January and almost too warm for boots? people are outside in shorts and tank tops?  puh-lease!!!  I love this silk blouse so much! it is so beautiful and fits amazingly... there is something awesome about I.N.C. in that way.  I am still enjoying adding fluoro to my neutral color mix as you can see.

He's wearing a Yankees hat! xoxoxoxoxo

What I wore:
Thrifted INC silk striped blouse.  Thrifted fluoro Banana Republic tee.  Jeans from Target.  Boots from Germany. Vintage leather clutch.  Sunnies from Goodwill. Ring from F21.



  1. I love collared shirts under sweaters :)

    xo jennifer


  2. Your shirt combo is so adorable! The color totally pops!!


  3. You are fantastic!!!! Brilliant blog! Have a great weekend! :-)


  4. This is my favorite!!! Love the neon with the stripes with the neutral boots


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