Sunday, January 22, 2012

Outfit: To-do tomorrow

Just a quick outfit post to distract me from the pain of writing my insanely boring business law paper... I am 200 words in and have about a thousand more to go... I think getting started is the hardest part... hard to get the ball rolling on almost anything it seems.

I have a few to-do's on my mind right now and Rainy McStormin is in town so I think I wanna take the time to handle some indoor projects... like setting up my online shop and indoor office studio so I can properly photograph and list the awesome items I have piled up that I need to sell.  I would LOVE to have a set-up like the Fancy Treehouse shop.  But we'll see how it goes. 

I also feel the need to do a wardobe rehab.  It's the new year and I have 2 closets that are a pretty big disaster.  Would anyone want to have a clothing swap anytime soon?  Let me know!  I will post the steps of my wardrobe rehab if anyone is interested to see how it goes.

I wore this the week my grandfather was in town and I liked the backdrop of the empty field. The lack of rain before this last storm has been pretty crazy in making the Sacramento area look almost desert-like... so strange after seeing the overly lush green of Germany for the last three years.

Comfortable outfit, perfect for a breezy day, weird hair....
What I wore:
Tunic from a shop in Germany.  Boots from kohls. Faux fur stole from H&M.  Coat and leggings from F21.  Sunglasses from Wal Mart.  Michael Kors Hamilton tote.


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