Friday, January 20, 2012

Sweet Family

Family is so important.  They know you, (or try to most days) and care for you.  They go out of their way to help you be sane and happy and you do the same for them.
My grandfather came to town this past week and it was amazing to spend time with him and the rest of family as well.  I am trying harder with my photography and I feel blessed to have such beautiful and handsome subjects to photograph!  We went down to Old Sacramento, one of my favorite places and such an amazing area to shoot as a backdrop.

Such a beautiful day!  Candy, starbucks, history...
Couldn't have been better I think!


Ps... isn't my mums so stylish?!  Her Frye boots are to die for!!!


  1. What a beautiful post. Your family is precious and your photography is amazing.
    You were so sweet with your comment about my post wearing the SJP inspired outfit. My friend did not notice her style but did notice I had a lot of layers on... :)
    I do have a lot of clothes but I also only pick inspirations that I can create with what I own.

    1. your style of blogging and outfit posting is so fun! i would love to have you guest blog sometime maybe?!

  2. Honored to be in your blog, you are the best daughter any mom can have, glad you are mine. So proud of you!!!!


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