Friday, February 3, 2012

Outfit: Does it go? I think so.

Just a quick outfit post of what I wore some days ago... I really liked this outfit.
Colorblocked of course... it's almost like "What's new, Vanessa?"  I just can't stop!  I love colors... as much as I try I am not a print person....
And my new cobalt jeans! Wahoo!  Been on a search for these babies for months!

Favorite colors all mashed together.  Me turning into Snow White.  And Butters, my babygirl doggie that is getting bigger and bigger!!

Green blouse from TJ Maxx, Scarf from F21.  Jeans from Elle at Kohls.  Boots by Qupid.  Vintage leather clutch.  Arm party accessories from everywhere.

I gotta get back to getting ready for Aveline's 5th birthday Party tomorrow! Woohoo!!!  What to wear is the least of my concerns right this moment.  My kid loves Chinese food so I gotta manage cooking Chinese something or other for about 20 or 30 people! yaaaay!



  1. First off, you're too funny with your last comment. Handsome, hehe! Witty thing, you make my heart sing! Second, I'm loving all these brights in one look. Fun, fun, fun. Butters is getting so big, by the way!

  2. It goes great! Color blocking at its best.

    1. thanks... i think i got it pretty down-packed by now!

  3. I love these colors. They are fabulous! I am so inspired by color right now. What a great look!


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