Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Outfit: fave colors & galaxy nails

This is the last of my outfit photos with my old, black hair... I think with all the changes in my life going on right now, I feel the need to add another change: altering 5 years of dyed pitch black hair! which is a crazy, risky could-be-hideous idea, but you gotta risk it sometimes!  I love dark hair and I know I would eventually want to go back to black... but I want some fun and riskiness right now...

So enjoy the last outfit shoot with my fave black hair, in my fave jeans, and blazer in my fave colors!

 I am working on doing my own blog photos from time to time! What do you think?... hopefully this photo spot doesn't get too redundant...

Also!!!! New nail design... Galaxy Nails! Super easy and I think I did ok for it being my first time.  Just look up "galaxy nails" on Youtube and you will find a million different tutorials, or I can try to do one on here if you would like.

What I wore:
Thrifted black blazer.  Silver top Jennifer Lopez line for Kohls. Cobalt jeans by Elle for kohls.  Boots from DDs Discounts. Thrifted yellow clutch. Leather cuff, earrings, gifted.  Sunglasses from Ebay.

Hope everyone is doing great... things are really starting to look up for us and I am so grateful!!!


Queen VII

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  1. Ah, your nails! I've seen them before (Pinterest maybe?). They're amazing! Can't wait to see the new haircolor.


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