Saturday, March 10, 2012

Outfit: Well, Hi-low there

One of the springy trends I am seeing and loving is the awesome flowy high-low skirt.  Also called a "mullet skirt" or "fish tail skirt."  I love it in all the flowy chiffons and brights and pastels.  It is like a maxi skirt that can show off some great shoes!  My dilemma with maxi skirts is always with the shoe selection. The hi-low makes it easy!

I DIY'd this one from a vintage skirt I thrifted.  I followed the pattern design from A Pair and a Spare.  I think it is a fun and flirty kind of piece!

I want to try to get back into doing outfit posts.  I almost forgot how much fun this can be!

What I wore:  Thrifted vintage DIY'd jade green skirt.  Frye Harness boots. Michael Kors Hamilton tote. Vintage belt. Tee from F21.  Lace vest, old. Accessories: H&M and F21.

I am super looking forward to tomorrow!  It's the husband's birthday and I hope to have some fun with him.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



  1. Oh dear Vanessa, I love everything You wear, these boots are fantastic ... Like Your blog so much, Your style and elegance, Your beautyness. Thank You, I kiss Your shoes ;-), from Germany, Barbra

  2. Beautiful woman<3


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