Thursday, March 8, 2012

Purse Talk: MK & LV

Purse talk.
Let's go there.
As you may no... I am a HUGE... HUh-UGE Michael Kors fan.  His brand represents so much of what I love and represent:  The American woman, modern, yet classic.  Fun, yet clean cut.  Wonderful craftsmanship and excellent fabrics.  Designs that would look good on any woman.

Louis Vuitton... the name alone practically speaks for itself... often imitated, but never replicated... from the 1800's, this company has been reknowned for its fine leather goods.  A Louis Vuitton bag can last a lifetime and be a treasure to pass down through generations.  Classic, pristine, very French chic.  I have visited the LV flagship store in Paris and was amazed at the range and beauty of the products and fashions available.

Enough brand love... down to the purse love... 
Michael Kors Grayson tote vs.  Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, with or without strap.

Honestly, I would take any single one of these bags!  The price points are what is the biggest difference:  Michael Kors Grayson: $328.00
Louis Vuitton: $1080 to $1090

What is the real difference?  Michael Kors is a luxury American sportswear kind of brand.  Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand, but honestly, I have seen women who carry these bags.  A Louis is not meant to be worn with Uggs and yoga pants.  Every woman that I see carrying a MK bag looks expensive and well dressed... I could see the reality of getting a MK Grayson before I could afford a trophy bag like an LV, as far as price point is concerned... and for the look... I think I would do more than just fine with the MK.  My only wish is that MK would come up with a Grayson with a long strap.  That's the only thing that could make it better.

Which would you go for? Why?

xoxo... Vanessa

PS... I think I got my springtime bag!!!! Eeeek!! :-)  Thanks to the husband...


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