Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shopping Gods smiled upon us!

I think the shopping gods were smiling down upon me yesterday...
I have been in a funk of sorts... but there is no need to be, because pretty much everything in my life is fine and awesome to some degree and I need to be grateful for that above all!

I have been working with a close friend for a while now on helping her cull her closet, sort things she likes and things that fit well, and we finally got to do some much-needed shopping to fill in her wardrobe a bit. 

I really was not shopping for myself at all, but there, on the shelf, were two pairs of shoes that were seemingly meant for me!

Hello Frye Harness boots!!!  Perfectly worn in, yet with perfect like-new soles.  Buttery soft, yet heavy and sturdy... These are such amazing boots and I can barely stand to have them off my feet...

But I have to remove them... or else how can I wear my very first pair of Jeffrey Campbells?!

The price on these items were so low, it would be obscene to post it... but I would like to give thanks to Freestyle Clothing in Antelope!  I was kind of butt-hurt when I went to sell at Freestyle and they barely took anything I had to sell, but then I shopped and see the quality of the items they DO choose (and the prices they sell them at), and I am very ready to forgive... They had a $1 sidewalk sale and my friend who I am helping with her styling was able to score 13 items for $1 a piece!  And she got some great things... a like-new tan Banana Republic blazer for work and some brown Steve Madden Espadrille wedges.  Be sure to check them out if you are in the Antelope area (they kick Crossroad's ass!!)  I read on their site that they also opened a shop in Folsom too.

The hubs bought me the JC's and my mums gifted me the Frye's... I don't know what I do to deserve being so spoiled, but I am and I am so completely thankful.

Anyways... has anyone else been shopping lately?  Any good sales or finds?


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