Saturday, April 21, 2012

Keep Calm

What is going on in the world today?
I feel so lost. So different.  I want to write and take photos because it will keep me occupied and keep me carrying on.  
But for now, I only have the capability to post photos and talk of cabbages and kings...

 I am in the process of going redhead, and also trying to bring back the daily updo, sans cool hipster indie braids (because I can't braid well enough and I am jelly bean about all the Coachella fun)... twist and pin people! The 90's are coming back atcha!

It's getting hot as a muthafugga already... sandbox and sandals and summer dresses are coming out already.

Life, as Aveline, Jorden and I know it, is about to change... so I guess all there is to do is pray and:

Wiser words than I could come up with. 

Next post will be more fun!!  Shoes, nails, hair changes... fun stuff that really matters ;-)


Ps... I passed on doing a 2 year blogaversary post... but it happened! Yay for Queen Vii's Reveries... still chuggin along.

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  1. My heart is heavy for you as it seems like you've been going through a tough season. Keep your pretty head up.


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