Sunday, April 8, 2012

Outfit: Blue Bones

I don't even know what I would call this kind of outfit, but deep down inside, this is the awesome girly pirate boy that lives within... Boy jeans, a slouchy soft v-neck tee, a cap'n's hat and some bones to go with it... I like to walk tall with the platforms in the mix though... the girly boy in me does at least.  I may be a fashion lover, but the songs in my soul dance to a punk rock beat.

Ps... what do you think of the new hair color?  It's a work in progress right now...

There is something so funny about this blogging thing... I think to myself, "should I continue? would anyone miss my blog?"  And it flatters me and makes my heart swell to say "YES!"  I get a little glimmer of love from someone who tells me "I read your blog" or "my friend loves your outfit posts"... it makes me proud, although I do do this for myself, I do love to share.  I read on another blogger's post that the blogosphere is a hit-or-miss kind of oversaturated environment... millions of fashion/style bloggers must be out there, and some have thousands of followers... some may be so lucky as to be invited to fashion houses and get to sit front row at fashion week... I will never be one of those, but I love doing this.  I love talking/writing/photographing clothes and style... and I will continue to do so.  I am coming up on two years of blogging here on blogspot, and I think I got some more in me!

Here are some cheerful photos of me and my muppet of a dog... (Have you seen the new Muppet movie?  I friggin loved it!)

Hope everyone had a great Easter... I know I did!

What I wore:
Thrifted hat. Cheap tee. Vans jeans. Bones socks from Target. Shoes from Reflections.  Michael Kors satchel.



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  2. Nice look! Your socks are rocking my world! lol.


  3. Sure I would totally be a featured blogger for you..let me know the details.
    very flattered,


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