Friday, May 11, 2012

The Spoils

There is nothing like some EPIC retail therapy to cheer a girl up...
No one has ever been able to shop til you drop like my mums can... we can go ALL DAY LONG... for reals... just try and keep up with us. You will probably fail.  Only one food stop allowed. Bathroom breaks must be minimal (totally kidding... ish)...

We hit two big shopping centers, with three fun stops for Aveline and one lunch break... left around 930 am, got home after 8 pm. 

It was fun for the kiddo too! She was the real trooper that day.

Wanna know what we hauled home????
Do you?
We stopped at the fun high street shops like F21 and H&M...

Some delightfully epic purchases were made...
Yup... we were rich for the day!
I just have to say though, that NO ONE in the world deserves a Louis Vuitton more than my mums.  She is so generous, will buy, do give anything and more to you.  She is so unselfish, works so hard as a nurse and it has been a dream of hers to get a LV.

She went with the Tivoli bag and I think it's perfect for her!
The rest of the lineup... I was able to "treat myself" to a gray Coach bag... my first and only brand new Coach purse (i have a few vintage ones) and I really love it.  I have searched high and low for a gray bag, from MK to Target and everywhere in between... this is the best I could find.
ALSO... my other dream bag... the MK Grayson with the vanilla logo... is my totally and completely UNDESERVED gift from my parents for Mother's day... I am too spoiled!

I don't think Michael would be mad at us for cheating on him with Louis and Coach, do you? 

I forgot to get a pic of my mum's new Coach wallet... it's also gray and super cute! 

So that was the day... I think I am done shopping for the next 6 months!  gotta wear all the fun stuff and make use of these babies!

Thank you again to my wonderful mums.
You are my Oats!!!!


  1. What a fun day! And your mom is GORGEOUS! I see you where you get it from!


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