Sunday, June 17, 2012

Birthday wishlist...

My birthday is coming up in July, and I am seriously like a little kid about birthdays!  Not just mine, but kinda sorta mine too ;-)
I already know a month in advance or more what I want to do, where I want to eat, what I want to eat, etc.  This year is different and sad because my beloved husband is a billion miles away in Afghanistan, serving his country and doing his duty... so I will try to console myself with presents and food and city views...

A trip to the Longchamp store in San Francisco might be a good stop!  I am really, really wanting/needing a better backpack that I can use as a purse and a camera bag for personal use.  I am leaning towards the white one... does anyone else think white is a bad idea?  Also, I would looove the cyclamen pink tote!  And the cosmetic case would be great too... Longchamp Birthday Party?

I am also super-lusting after the new Michael Kors Jet Set Small totes in the saffiano stamped leather!  My sis in law has one and it is such a lovely bag!

The bright pink is a tough one to find online these days... 

Although I am not the one to typically wear sneakers, I have caught the Marant hidden wedge sneaker bug.  Maybe I am reverting back to my Jr High days of wearing platform sketchers in my Spice Girl wannabe moment!

I found these options on ebay for a lot cheaper and am totally loving the options of colors... the hardest decision would be what color to get?  I like the navy and cream or the all-black ones i think.

So those are my wishlist items... not trying to be greedy, but that's why it's a wishlist right?!  For the day, I would love to just hang out in San Francisco and walk Union Square, go to the Palace of fine arts maybe, and I do not want a birthday cake!  I want a killer delish cherry pie or cobbler (no crumb topping!).  

Unless, I could forgo all these things and have my husband back for a couple days!  that would be the best gift!


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