Monday, June 18, 2012

More stuff!

Uggh! Why do I have to use the internet while doing homework?  It is sooo distracting!

I found a couple more awesome things that I wish I could charge right now... just some things that would round out my wardrobe a bit.

The Grey Toms Palmettos are perfect and neutral.  I have been wanting another pair of TOMS for a while, but haven't found any I would use more than my black glitters.

The Scarlet Large Seatbelt tote... so pretty... like a forbidden fruit, waiting to be picked... because it is on sale right now and I am exercising all of my willpower not to buy it! I got my first Harvey's Original Seatbelt bag when I turned 18 and it is the MOST durable bag I have ever owned.  It looks exactly the same even after 9 years, and I have used it A LOT over the years.  The red one has been the apple of my eye for a long time.

Cute flats from H&M... still loving neon.  I think these are more fun and dressy than just some neon leather flip flops (which I have, but do not wear enough).  I could wear these with dresses, maxi skirts, and shorts.

That's what I got for now... back to the homework!


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