Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Outfit: Frills and diamonds

For a hot day of shopping and errands I felt like getting a little dolled up!  I love this dress and that it is so layered and flowy but does not make me feel like I look fat.

I realize the sheerness of the fabric, hence wearing spanky-pants! everything this season is sheer it seems!

awkward blogger flamingo pose
The dress was purchased at a Goodwill but the texture of the fabric reminded me of things I would find at boutiques in Germany and France... almost all of which were well above my budget!  Well, for around $5 I found this one in America, with a tag saying it was made in Romania. 

One of the errands was getting my gorgeous ring checked and cleaned at the jewelry store... so I wore my blingiest sandals and my most awesome house-wifey purse.  It's always fun to pop into the MK store while carrying my bags, just to peek around and say hi to the gals that work there.

Hope you all have a great evening!

What I wore:
Dress, thrifted. Michael Kors Grayson handbag. Sandals from TJMaxx.  Bracelet from kohls. Necklaces from F21.



  1. Cute poses! That dress is gorg!

  2. That beige-grey shade looks gorgeous with your skintone!


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