Thursday, June 7, 2012

Outfit: Here goes nothin'

So I finally worked up the courage and went through the effort to take my own outfit photos since my husband deployed.  I don't really know why I was having such an identity crisis about this, as I have taken my own outfit photos on occassion before. I think it was just knowing that I don't and won't even have the option for him to take photos that stresses me out... that and the fact that my tripod is held together with superglue in certain parts! 
It wasn't so bad... I didn't use the remote (I am retarded and cannot get the settings right), however my camera does take multiple shots on self-timer mode so that keeps me from running back and forth.  Now I just need to figure out the "money spot" and the "golden hour" to take photos for optimum lighting!  Also, I think I have reevaluated how I want my outfit photos to be stylized... some ladies out there are amazing with vintage style instagramtastic filters and photoediting... I think I need to just keep it clean, sharp and simple for now... Terry Richardson smooth!!!

Give me any pointers or suggestions on how I can make this more fun or interesting for you, my readers/viewers!

This outfit was originally just a run-about outfit, (taking Aveline to swim lessons up in El Dorado Hills, grocery store run, etc.), but I got some compliments so it made me feel good.  This is a really "me" outfit... simple with a little something extra and rockin' my favorite shade of bleu!!

The proportions of this top are different for me.  It is blousey and tents nicely but definitely needed balancing out with the skinny pants.  Also, I don't know if my husband has seen my new purse he bought me in action! THANKS, BABE!

I bought the Nailpolish of the year, Essie's Mademoiselle... supposedly 6 years running winner... not sure how I feel about it... it is so pale and natural looking... definitely different for me.  The beaded bracelet is Greek cobalt glass, and my grandmother brought me the braided one from Texas.

So, team. How'd I do?!

What I wore:
Top from Susie's Deals; pants Elle from Kohl's. Sandals from Payless (old, but on trend now!); Coach bag. Michael Kors Aviators.


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